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Global Leadership Coach to: Chairman, CEOs & Executive Boards. Top 2% of Global Podcasters, Leadership Mentor & Team CoachJonathan thrives supporting early growth businesses and Tech Companies; focussing on personal behaviour and future business results. You will gain a high return on investing in your own and your team’s development. His vocation has been shaped by his Father’s heroic leadership role modelling and his untimely death, as a British Royal Navy fast jet Pilot. Jonathan’s life calling is to inspire you and your team to: find and live your “True North”, unlock your potential and make a difference via your business.Leaders say they experience 3 specific benefits from working with Jonathan: they find greater meaning and purpose for themselves and those they lead, they learn to encourage independent, finest thinking and innovation - leading to faster, sustainable business results. Jonathan is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Virtual Team Facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, pragmatic philosopher and author. As top 2% Globally ranked Podcaster and Key Person of Influence (KPI) he focuses on current and aspiring CEOs, senior executives and their teams in every possible sector. No challenge is too hard.

Are You Living Your Life “On Purpose”?

Are you interested in designing a better life? Have you stopped to check the assumptions you are making about the job you do and the life you lead? Are you really fulfilled and happy with the work you do and the relationships you have? Far too many people and especially apparently successful leaders (admired and envied by others) are living lives of quiet desperation. They compromise and suppress...

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Your Introversion Is An Asset

Time for Introverts to fight back! For too long the world has literally been dominated by extroverts. The introverts can’t get a word in edge ways. The loudest voices have dominated and often held sway. However with “Time to Think” – an approach designed by Nancy Kline, as introverts you will have the space to share your views, opinions and freshest thinking. You will surprise...

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How Do You Sack Your Friends?

Your organisation is “making cuts and managing costs”. That means people will be “made redundant, sacked, or fired” and loose their incomes which effect their families and confidence. Since this is widescale they may not get another job easily. What is so tough is that good leaders have built strong friendships with their direct reports. They may have played golf together,...

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Are You Accountable? Solid or Dotted Lines

How accountable are you REALLY in large organisations? The scale and complexity of global organisations encourages them to fudge accountability and responsibility. Everyone is responsible; so no one is responsible. Various systems are experimented with; matrix organisations with accountability in 3 different planes, upwards sideways and diagonally. If you don’t understand that, then you’re...

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Do you have to be dysfunctional to be leader?

“If you are a fully functional, balanced, emotionally stable person, brought up by two well-adjusted parents then you would never be driven to go for some of the top roles in business today.” So goes the argument of a friend of mine who is a Professor at a top business school. And I wonder does he have a good point? There may be an element of truth in what he says, based on some of my...

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You might need a shark in your fish tank

I thoroughly recommend that you visit the website of Darren Robson and follow his tweets @darrenrobson Darren has aptly chosen for himself the image of the shark and he tells the story why on his website. We met up again today and I am very inspired by the philanthropic work he is doing.   We have known each other for some years and I continue to be stimulated by his creative and imaginative ways...

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Will More Rule & Regulations Offset an Absence of Trust?

When trust has gone, all hell breaks loose. I have walked into Executive Boardrooms where the CEO has inherited or created a “trust free zone”. They are very toxic places. Talented leaders choose not to stay there long. Would you? You may wonder: “What are these teams like?” Here are some of my observations: 1. The barbarians are at the gates and all sorts of unhealthy behaviours...

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How You Can Get Sacked #3

Disdain and arrogance are business relationship killers. Without relationships you are very isolated and more vulnerable to being “taken out” when the swinging axe of cut-backs comes suddenly. One business leader told me this weekend of yet another round of redundancies he is responsible for implementing. His large global firm wanted a further cut of 20% of his team of 220 talented people....

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“Memories Are Better Than Dreams”

I met a retired Judge on a train on Friday. He shared his story as follows: when I was faced with a critical life choice, I didn’t know what to do, so I went to see an old and wise mentor. He said “I have 5 words for you, they will change your life .” So I went to see him and over tea he said these 5 words as a benchmark for my life choices’ “memories are better than...

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