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My life as an executive coach brings me into contact with some of the brightest minds in business. My blog is a way for me to share some of the more interesting, insightful and inspirational content available.

What is Inspiring Leadership?

What makes a good leader? We explore the question with leaders who have achieved great successes in their own right.   Find out how inspiring a leader you are, take the Online Inspiring Leadership Survey. Take the IL-i survey here

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Are you too busy to think?

You are paid to think, not to be busy - So shorten your meetings to make sufficient space to think. In this manic world in which we work, too many people approach it as if it is a dash to the line before they skid to a halt and finally die. We know from the latest...

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Are You a “Systemic Disturber”?

I have just spend a fascinating couple of hours with Dom Burch the Senior Director for Marketing and Innovation at Asda Walmart. Dom writes an excellent blog that I thoroughly recommend Dom is a very talented leader with the rare talent...

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Are You a Challenger or a Bystander?

We are still seeing some unhealthy and toxic behaviours in our most famous organisations.  I am concerned that this is particularly the case in are number of global financial organisations. Why don't people get it? If you want a culture change programme, with healthy...

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“Disturb Me, Please” – time to think differently

I have been inspired my the writings of Margaret J Wheatley which I attach a short article of hers below. Disturb Me, Please! The Works: Your Source to Being Fully Alive, Summer 2000 If we are people exploring the unknown, if we are to be the pioneers and discoverers...

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What does the “Lie in LIBOR” mean for you?

Perhaps you think The lies in the LIBOR scandal doesn't affect you? The CEO and chairman resign, 13 employees disciplined and five dismissed at Barclays, 25 bankers were forced to leave UBS and others disciplined and dismissed in RBS. US $1.5 billion Fines for UBS, ...

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So you think integrity is a nice to have?

How corrosive do you think a lack of integrity is for a company? Here are some recent examples that I have come across: 1. Senior executives who overlook dishonesty in their staff, as long as those individual delivers and makes money. 2. Bosses who are too focused on...

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