Are You a Challenger or a Bystander?

Apr 2014

We are still seeing some unhealthy and toxic behaviours in our most famous organisations.  I am concerned that this is particularly the case in are number of global financial organisations.

Why don’t people get it?

If you want a culture change programme, with healthy inspiring leadership behaviours, then it should not be left to HR alone to implement that programme.

You the leader have to be seen to be living the values your espouse.  Your followers are learning you.   You need to head up the programme, visit it frequently and have your fellow leadership team members take part in it.

Equally important is when unhealthy behaviours go on –  often connected to greed and bonuses – then you need to challenge such behaviours that fail to live up to your personal and organisational values.   Too often people act as bystanders and don’t challenge.  By being a bystander you are effectively condoning toxic behaviour.

So go out today and be a challenger –  not just another bystander!

Warm regards Jonathan

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