It is time yours become meetings worth attending; ones which make effective, consensual decisions.

Sadly too few are!
Do read Al Pittampalli’s book “Read this before the next meeting” and visit his website

Also Nancy Kline has taught me some great disciplines and approaches to what she calls “Transforming Meetings”. Sadly I have ruined the lives of many leaders who I train in these approaches. They now hate surviving through the agony of the 90% of meeting they attend which don’t use these disciplines.

Two tips:

1. Send the agenda out at least 5 working days beforehand. Ensure there are only two agenda items in a 90 minute meeting in the form of questions. For example “What can we do to reduce costs by 10%?”

2. Everyone reads the update email before hand. This meeting is not for you to verbally download your in-box on them or bore them with PowerPoint. Don’t use it – if you have to give a 1 page handout max.

Good luck making meetings inspiring. So few are that you will stand out from the crowd.

Warm regards Jonathan