CEOs Inspiring Leadership: Brand, Reputation & Trust

May 2021
CEOs Inspiring Leadership: Brand, Reputation & Trust

Recently, a group of Inspiring CEOs and I got together over Zoom to discuss Brand, Reputation & Trust. Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the session. If you’d like to hear more, you can stream the podcast now.

  1. Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE considers himself very fortunate to be a trusted leadership advisor to CEOs senior executives and their teams and has learned so much from them and also he is able to share with him. As a Dyslexic his preferred medium is audio and video to share stories insights and top leadership tips.
  2. Chris Pyle is the truly inspirational Head of Lancaster Royal grammar school a historic and prestigious centre of education developing the whole person. He truly leads by personal example and he’s always looking to get the best out of his own Academic team so they can bring out the best from the pupils in the school to go on and lead lives less ordinary
  3. Emma Kane as the CEO of SEC Newgate is not only an expert on communications and public relations messages, but also a truly inspiring leader for her team and especially for her clients.  She has made and continues to make a huge contribution to a number of charitable causes and positively influences the lives of so many.
  4. Brian Heyworth is the Co-Managing Partner of Lansdowne Partners and is a highly authentic open and totally inspirational leader. Through his work in the financial services sector, he’s learnt so much about others, about influence and persuasion and also about appropriate vulnerability. He’s learnt about resilience the hard way and tells many powerful stories of his learning.
  5. Mark Fleiner – President of Malvern Panalytical has made leadership his watchword and continually strives to improve himself and those he leads. As an American leading a European business, he brings great energy drive passion and a strong faith to all that he does.
  6. John Cresswell – brings a wealth of experience as recent Group CEO of the Bibby Line Group, as CEO of ITV and also CEO of Arqiva. He seen examples of outstanding leadership of toxic leadership and has always been open to learn from his own successes and mistakes. He’s learnt the importance of humanity humility and a bit of self-deprecating humour.
  7. Lieutenant General James Bashall CB CBE – former commander of home command in the British Army as a combination of a very successful career as a parachute regiment officer, also now the President of the Royal British Legion and giving wise advice to business leaders. Never afraid to face into a challenges, however large or small he recently completed in one of the toughest legs of the round the world clipper race.
  8. Leigh Bowman-Perks is both the CEO of inspiring leadership International, a leadership coaching team development and facilitation business, but also the CEO of the inspiring leadership trust. The ILT is a charity supporting vulnerable women recovering from modern day slavery, trafficking, mental health issues, or abuse. She is constantly learning and growing and developing herself so that she can best serve her senior leadership clients and also the girls and women who benefit from her charitable efforts.

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