Crucible Moments that shape you

Oct 2012

It’s the admission of your mistakes as a leader that resonate most with those you lead or mentor. Of course it is inspiring to hear stories of you overcoming insurmountable odds, wisely handling conflict and winning through against evil opponents.

What is even more memorable are your crises, indecisions, uncertainties, failures, setbacks and disappointments. What did you learn and how did you recover from situations where you failed, got fired, missed promotion or had a relationship crisis?

They don’t want to work for a leadership freak; superman or woman who is robot-like and can’t be learnt from. Make yourself authentic and believably human.
Don’t pump yourself up; be a role model with humanity and humility.

Warm regards Jonathan
PS. I confess to frequent failings; coming short again and again. “Winners don’t fall down; they fall up!”

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