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Demoralising Your Team 6: Don’t Listen, Act Too Busy

Aug 2011

Don’t your team realise how busy you are?
Perhaps they will notice by you rushing around and saying “I’ve only got 5 minutes” and “I must dash, I’m late for a meeting!” maybe they will be in awe, wondering “how do they cope?”

Maybe not!
Their experience is that you are never listening properly, that you are too caught up in your own world, manically rushing about and never calm, or grounded.

You are just not present or “with them”.
Congratulations you have thoroughly demoralised them.

There is another approach that brings many benefits: increased employee engagement, increased innovative ideas to save and make money, more team members who stay and give a lot of additional energy and commitment willingly.

Read my chapter on “Presence” in the book “Inspiring Leadership” to gain tips and techniques. Most improtantly you need to have the right attitude – show that you are genuinely interested in listening to them and being with those you are fortunate to lead.

Warm regards Jonathan

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