My interview with Coach, Mentor & Client Dom Burch

May 2022
My  interview with Coach, Mentor & Client Dom Burch

I am thrilled to have recently been an interview guest for one of my clients, Dom Burch,  business coach and mentor. On Dom’s podcast, ‘Coach Class’, he speaks to inspirational leaders about what makes them tick, how they motivate others, and what it means to be an authentic leader. Dom and I go a long way back. Have a read of what he said about the podcast, and don’t forget to listen to it here

Dom says: ”I’m really proud of this interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE – the coach who helped me find my true potential, and led me on the journey to becoming a coach myself.

When I was a senior director at Asda (mid management position with a US job title) I was fortunate enough to realise I was entitled to executive coaching.

I seized the opportunity and after selecting three potential coaches from a long list of ten, I picked Jonathan Bowman-Perks.

After an initial chemistry call with JBP and my then boss Chris McDonough I then embarked on a journey that helped change my life. Six two hour face to face sessions in his coaching apartment in London. Me being me, and Asda being Asda, I managed to stretch them out over a whole year, rather than the standard six months.

But what I learned about myself and the power of a great question and the use of metaphor literally empowered me to take charge of my own destiny.

Some of the conversations we had together are as vivid now – nearly seven years on, as they were back then. Precise observations, challenging my limiting assumptions, the use of story and biology. Forcing me to confront how I viewed myself, and the impact of the words I chose to describe myself.

Jonathan taught me so much, I will always feel a sense of gratitude to him and of course to Asda for paying for it! I left Asda a few months after completing my coaching journey. The right move for me, and ultimately the company – so it wasn’t wasted money. I left on good terms having helped restructure an entire part of the business, which meant my role was obsolete.

Anyway, have a listen to this 20 minute chat and see for yourself what a fascinating person Jonathan is – and how his application of Nancy Klein’s Time to Think principles are so powerful.”

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