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My life as an executive coach brings me into contact with some of the brightest minds in business. My blog is a way for me to share some of the more interesting, insightful and inspirational content available.
12 Feb

How to live before you die. Listen to what an inspirational leader advises…

I found Steve Jobs very inspiring and also moving in his address at Stanford University. I hope you enjoy it too – Visit the linkĀ –…
07 Feb

“Death by meeting” – by Patrick Lencioni – definitely worth a read .. here is why

A very simple fable to read it will probably take you no more than 4 hours. Key themes: Plan and prepare before your meetings daily five-minute huddles weekly tacticals monthly strategics quarterly…
07 Feb

Are you “Leading on Purpose?” Why should anybody follow you? Do you create meaning for the work they do?

The finest leaders have a very clear set of values and beliefs and principles by which they lived their lives and lead others. Such clarity is very attractive to follows and creates a powerful sens…
30 Jan

How are you leading your “clever” people? A powerful new book speaks about this.

I recommend the book by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones called “clever”. Makes me realise that I’m very fortunate to have recruited and be working with a very clever team of board and…
30 Jan

What really drives you? I recommend reading the new book by Daniel Pink

The new book is called “Drive – the surprising truth about what really motivates us”. I heard Daniel speak at the RSA and found him highly engaging, very human and motivational. I…
23 Jan

Ethical Leadership – are you living it?

What can you do that is sustainable as a leader?
02 Jan

Seeing more clearly now.

If you know now what you will know in 2011, how would you act and behave differently?
02 Jan

New Year resolution: do it now

Take a small step today in the direction of your goal.

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