So you think integrity is a nice to have?

Feb 2013

How corrosive do you think a lack of integrity is for a company?
Here are some recent examples that I have come across:
1. Senior executives who overlook dishonesty in their staff, as long as those individual delivers and makes money.
2. Bosses who are too focused on their own financial package and benefits to be concerned about motivating their own staff.
3. Petty arguments between board members which infect the whole organisation and reduce the level of performance.
4. CEOs who play favourites and deliberately set off one executive board member against another like fighting dogs and enjoys watching the outcome.
5. CEOs who insist junior staff have leadership and development programmes, yet hypocritically think they and their board are too good to need any development themselves.

Sadly this is reality rather than fiction; what is your organisation like?

Warm regards Jonathan

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