You might need a shark in your fish tank

Dec 2011

I thoroughly recommend that you visit the website of Darren Robson and follow his tweets @darrenrobson

Darren has aptly chosen for himself the image of the shark and he tells the story why on his website.

We met up again today and I am very inspired by the philanthropic work he is doing.   We have known each other for some years and I continue to be stimulated by his creative and imaginative ways of improving people’s lives both in business and those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

The question is are you prepared to be challenging and two initiate different ways of thinking?  As Einstein intimated we will not solve our current problems at the same level of thinking where we first created them.

If you are prepared to be challenged and to learn how to challenge yourself then think about bringing Darren Robson into your organisation.

warm regards Jonathan

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