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Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life

Don’t sweat the small stuff; and it’s all small stuff. By Dr Richard Carlson

Another favourite of mine and I re-listen to this many times for its simple wisdom and putting everything in perspective. If it’s late at night and I can’t sleep I put on the audio version of this and relax. Dr Richard Carson has made his expertise happiness reducing anxiety stress and depression and focusing on […]
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Another favourite of mine and I re-listen to this many times for its simple wisdom and putting everything in perspective. If it’s late at night and I can’t sleep I put on the audio version of this and relax.

Dr Richard Carson has made his expertise happiness reducing anxiety stress and depression and focusing on what really matters in life. Looking back on my life so far I know that I’ve often got things out of perspective and worried far too much about the small stuff. This is a book to read early in your life or give to one of your children. Good sound advice.

Some others I have read “How To Win Friends and Influence People”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and I would list this book among them for its anecdotes and good reminders on perspective. It’s the one book which contrasts with everything I’ve learnt in the Military and Business about life. So, this book teaches you to chill out. The chapter titles tell you a lot – well worth a read:

Chapter 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Chapter 2. Make peace with imperfection.

Chapter 3. Let go of the idea that relaxed gentle people cannot be super-achievers.

Chapter 4: Be Aware of the Snowball Effect of Your Thinking

Chapter 5: Develop Your Compassion

Chapter 6: Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your “In Basket” Won’t Be Empty

Chapter 7: Don’t Interrupt Others or Finish Their Sentences

Chapter 8: Do Something Nice for Someone Else — and Don’t Tell Anyone About It

Chapter 9: Let Others Have the Glory

Chapter 10: Learn to Live in the Present Moment

Chapter 11: Imagine that Everyone Is Enlightened Except You

Chapter 12: Let Others Be “Right” Most of the Time

Chapter 13: Become More Patient

Chapter 14: Create “Patience Practice Periods”

Chapter 15: Be the First One to Act Loving or Reach Out

Chapter 16: Ask Yourself the Question, “Will This Matter a Year from Now?”

Chapter 17: Surrender to the Fact that Life Isn’t Fair

Chapter 18: Allow Yourself to Be Bored

Chapter 19: Lower Your Tolerance to Stress

Chapter 20: Once a Week, Write a Heartfelt Letter

Chapter 21: Imagine Yourself at Your Own Funeral

Chapter 22: Repeat to Yourself, “Life Isn’t an Emergency”

Chapter 23: Experiment with Your Back Burner

Chapter 24: Spend a Moment Every Day Thinking of Someone to Thank

Chapter 25: Smile at Strangers, Look into Their Eyes, and Say Hello

Chapter 26: Set Aside Quiet Time, Every Day

Chapter 27: Imagine the People in Your Life as Tiny Infants and as One-Hundred-Year-Old Adults

Chapter 28: Seek First to Understand

Chapter 29: Become a Better Listener

Chapter 30: Choose Your Battles Wisely

Chapter 31: Become Aware of Your Moods and Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Fooled by the Low One

Chapter 32: Life Is a Test. It Is Only a Test

Chapter 33: Praise and Blame Are All the Same

Chapter 34: Practice Random Acts of Kindness. Enjoy the good feeling that doing an act of kindness brings.

Chapter 35: Look Beyond Behaviour

Chapter 36: See the Innocence

Chapter 37: Choose Being Kind over Being Right

Chapter 38: Tell Three People (Today) How Much You Love Them

Chapter 39: Practice Humility

Chapter 40: When in Doubt about Whose Turn It Is to Take Out the Trash, Go Ahead and Take It Out

Chapter 41: Avoid Weatherproofing

Chapter 42: Spend a Moment, Every Day, Thinking of Someone to Love

Chapter 43: Become an Anthropologist

Chapter 44: Understand Separate Realities

Chapter 45: Develop Your Own Helping Rituals

Chapter 46: Every Day, Tell at Least One Person Something You Like, Admire, or Appreciate about Them

Chapter 47: Argue for Your Limitations, and They’re Yours

Chapter 48: Remember that Everything Has God’s Fingerprints on It

Chapter 49: Resist the Urge to Criticise

Chapter 50: Write Down Your Five Most Stubborn Positions and See if You Can Soften Them

Chapter 51: Just for Fun, Agree with Criticism Directed Toward You (Then Watch It Go Away)

Chapter 52: Search for the Grain of Truth in Other Opinions

Chapter 53: See the Glass as Already Broken (and Everything Else Too)

Chapter 54: Understand the Statement, “Wherever You Go, There You Are”

Chapter 55: Breathe Before You Speak

Chapter 56: Be Grateful when You’re Feeling Good, and Graceful when You’re Feeling Bad

Chapter 57: Become a Less Aggressive Driver

Chapter 58: Relax

Chapter 59: Adopt a Child Through the Mail

Chapter 60: Turn Your Melodrama into a Mellow-Drama

Chapter 61: Read Articles and Books with Entirely Different Points of View from Your Own and Try to Learn Something

Chapter 62: Do One Thing at a Time

Chapter 63: Count to Ten

Chapter 64: Practice Being in the “Eye of the Storm”

Chapter 65: Be Flexible with Changes in Your Plans

Chapter 66: Think of What You Have Instead of What You Want

Chapter 67: Practice Ignoring Your Negative Thoughts

Chapter 68: Be Willing to Learn from Friends and Family

Chapter 69: Be Happy Where You Are

Chapter 70: Remember that You Become What You Practice Most

Chapter 71: Quiet the Mind

Chapter 72: Take Up Yoga

Chapter 73: Make Service an Integral Part of Your Life

Chapter 74: Do a Favour and Don’t Ask For, or Expect, One in Return

Chapter 75: Think of Your Problems as Potential Teachers

Chapter 76: Get Comfortable Not Knowing

Chapter 77: Acknowledge the Totality of Your Being

Chapter 78: Cut Yourself Some Slack

Chapter 79: Stop Blaming Others

Chapter 80: Become an Early Riser

Chapter 81: When Trying to Be Helpful, Focus on Little Things

Chapter 82: Remember, One Hundred Years from Now, All New People

Chapter 83: Lighten Up

Chapter 84: Nurture a Plant

Chapter 85: Transform Your Relationship to Your Problems

Chapter 86: The Next Time You Find Yourself in an Argument, Rather than Defend your position, see if you can see the other point of view first.

Chapter 87: Redefine a “Meaningful Accomplishment”

Chapter 88: Listen to Your Feelings (They Are Trying to Tell You Something)

Chapter 89: If Someone Throws You the Ball, You Don’t Have to Catch It

Chapter 90: One More Passing Show

Chapter 91: Fill Your Life with Love

Chapter 92: Realise the Power of Your Own Thoughts

Chapter 93: Give Up on the Idea that “More Is Better”

Chapter 94: Keep Asking Yourself, “What’s Really Important?”

Chapter 95: Trust Your Intuitive Heart

Chapter 96: Be Open to “What Is”

Chapter 97: Mind Your Own Business

Chapter 98: Look for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Chapter 99: Schedule Time for Your Inner Work

Chapter 100: Live This Day as if It Were Your Last. It Might Be! 

– Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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