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December 29, 2020

What Should You Do in the Midst of a Pandemic: Jonathan Bowman-Perks’ tip tips on Leading yourself and your team through adversity in Crisis

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Top Tip for Leading in our Crisis – the Pandemic will be going on for 12-18 months and there wont be a vaccine for a long time. It’s a wartime setting – plan for a long campaign. Team of teams by General Stanley Crystal is an excellent read. You will get outflanked by the Pandemic. As leader what are the 3 most important aspects of your business you must focus on – this month and this year. The pandemic make you focus on short term. If you knew we will be locked down for 18 months, then dont sweat the small stuff.

Mission team and organisation and Lieutenant General Tim Evans SF shared. Constantly on Video Calls. DANSADD – Decision Action Next Steps Delivery Deadline.

Im an Inspiring Leadership Podcaster & Speaker. I work with Chairs, CEOs, top business leaders and teams to help them achieve their professional goals.
In my 12 month programmes I create a safe, trusted environment in which executives survive and thrive. Subtle changes in behaviour or approach result in dramatic improvements to credibility, confidence and performance.
I focus on delivering tangible results. This starts with identifying the real issues and opportunities and can involve a shift in what the client feels is needed, or, in the ultimate goal. I help established and emerging leaders. My coaching is not about remedial action, it is about enabling individuals to take their performance to the next level and beyond, inspiring others in the process.
I have extensive credentials in business and leadership coaching, including as Master Coach and MBE awarded for services to leadership. As a dyslexic, under-performer at school, my own personal, professional and leadership journey has given me a tremendous insight into the problems, blind spots and demands faced by modern executives.
I served for 20 years in the Army, subsequently holding senior roles with PwC, IBM & Penna Plc. Throughout this time, I learned a lot about myself, my skills and those of people around me, as well as broader business realities and challenges. Sharing the lessons of success – and failure – is an integral part of how I work. My coaching environment is honest and grounded in the reality of a leadership role.
I regard each client as a unique assignment requiring an individual approach and bespoke coaching framework. I help clients achieve promotion or specific business gains.
My alumni includes leaders from Coca Cola, Microsoft, Mars Inc, Asda, Law Firms, Vodafone, Siemens, Lloyds, John Lewis, Sotheby’s and Lloyds. I also undertake international team coaching & inspiring speaking assignments

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