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January 20, 2021

Tough Life Leadership Lessons: Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE: CEO’s Leadership Advisor, Team Coach, Top 2% of Global Podcasters & Author: Inspiring Interview with Ben Atkinson

Control the Controllables; Let the rest go!

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Self-deception is the enemy: “It impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows” Epictetus

Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE  shares his fascinating life journey through 20 years as a British army officer and 20 years as a business leader and coach to other inspiring leaders. He has accumulated a wealth of top tips, experience and knowledge from the many challenges, mistakes and successes he has been part of. These “battle scars” he acquired in the military and in business and he has developed and learnt practical top tips for leaders today. Touching on everything from morals, integrity, life-purpose, health, well-being, mental health, finding good advisors, building your emotional and social intelligence, coping with adversity and not overdoing your resilience to building your brand reputation, image, impact and finally leaving a sustainable legacy. It is frank, raw and authentic.

Trusted Leadership Coach to CEOs and their top teams. Podcasts and motivational speeches. life in the caravan in bleak Scotland boarding loneliness slow starter – Neuro-diverse (dyslexic) RMAS and long distance running airmobile / airborne training / armoured infantry MBA PwC / IBM / MD PLC then own business

Proudest & darkest moment? Births and key moments in my daughter’s lives Marrying Leigh in Jamaica and her work as CEO of ILT Cyprus MM World record dark -Financial hardship and Suicidal thoughts from divorce and recession What piece of advice do you wish you had when you started out? Ease – be less intense Be present have patience. Imagine that Everyone else is enlighten

MQ – What morals values and virtues do you aspire to live by and what did you learn when you let them slip? Serve to Lead & Stoicism Russian ex officer investment banker General Desmond Gordon and the Lunch

PQ – Why do you do what do you do? RMAS – being average. Crisis of Confidence/ Competence My parents inspirational example post death

HQ – How do you keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally i? How did you pick yourself up when you let yourself slip? Daily Bookends – TODOIST military discipline and Atomic Habits Dave Hudson inspiration & PT mental health tips – Journal, Mindfulness, Daily stoic

IQ – What is a good bit of wisdom you live by? Who helps you in advising you and your decision-making? Leigh Oliver. Time to think. My Long Dead parents & My clients

EQ – How do you build your skills in rapport, listening, influence, emotional and social intelligence? Life’s experiences & investing in relationships. Adapting because neuro-diverse. Audiobooks Coaching courses. Deep Research and Personal practice – Early adopter. Teachable Moments

RQ – How have you picked yourself up in times of adversity? What gives you the resilience to get through? Therapy in depression post-divorce Long Distance Endurance Athlete & Amy resilience and “Airborne!” Researched Learnt the leavers to pull family friends and health

BQ – What have you learned from 360 feedback your mistakes and lifelong learning? Value differences. Importance of sound judgement (blurt)- got better than when in Army Aspiring feedback. Courageous conversation

LQ – what would you like your legacy to be in your personal life and your work? inspiring leadership in so many other leaders and teams – to overcome challenges My children and ILT CHARITY

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