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February 06, 2021

Helping the ultra-rich and famous with their mental health: Dr Marta Ra, CEO Paracelsus Recovery: inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Life sends the lessons back if you haven’t taken them the first time around.  
  1. Dr Marta Ra, PhD, CEO, Paracelsus Recovery – Helping the ultra-rich and famous with their mental health. 

Previously one of Switzerland’s most successful women in the banking industry, having managed the country’s largest pension fund valued at almost CHF 40 billion, Marta Ra is now the CEO of Paracelsus Recovery, the world’s most individual and discreet treatment centre with clinics in Zurich and London. As a qualified life coach and CEO, Marta is the women leading the way in helping the ultra-rich and successful with their mental health. 

Her experience at the top of the banking industry (having worked at JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsch Bank and Morgen Stanley) gives Marta an unparalleled insight into the highs and lows of the world’s most successful. For instance, at Paracelsus Recovery, Marta works with CEOs and leaders who seemingly ‘have it all,’ but struggle with issues such as loneliness or a lack of purpose. Through many hours of active listening, Marta helps them overcome that isolation, reconnect with others and re-find their determination. 

 While some may find it hard to see the link between finance and mental health, for Marta, it is self-evident. While in the financial sector, Marta brought empathy and compassion into each of her client-facing roles. Over the years, she developed a passion for sustainability and purpose-driven investment. As a result, she also co-founded Women in Sustainable Finance, a not-for-profit organisation aiming to empower women who wish to see a more inclusive and sustainable financial industry. 

In this podcast, Marta and Jonathan Bowman-Perks discuss how her unique life experiences have shaped her as a leader. From her toughest moments as CEO of Paracelsus Recovery to her TEDx talk or how she built resilience by becoming a triathlete, Marta offers her expertise, insights and what she learnt on the road to the top.  

Her Top Tip: Life sends the lessons back if you haven’t taken them the first time around.  

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