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May 08, 2021

A Purpose Driven Organisation: Paul Howarth, CEO of the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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For your values and beliefs. Do what you enjoy and inspires you. Really know what your values and your organisation’s values are and connect them.
  1.  Dr Paul Howarth, Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory   

Paul started his career as a nuclear physicist working on the international fusion energy programme in Oxfordshire where he gained his PhD.  As CEO, he now leads the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) which is responsible for underpinning research to support all aspects of the UK’s nuclear industry. 

On the way to his current role, Paul worked on the plutonium finishing lines at Sellafield and is one of the few Western’s to work deep inside nuclear facilities in Japan. He led the UK’s advanced reactor programme while working at British Nuclear Fuels and co-founded the Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester.  He spent time working for Battelle in the US one of the world’s largest R&D organisations which runs a number of the US National Laboratories. With the British Government he helped to develop the case for new nuclear build and is now passionate to see NNL becoming a truly purpose led organisation, playing a leading role across key societal needs such as environmental restoration, clean energy and cancer treatment through nuclear medicine. 

Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics, an MBA and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.  Currently, he also chairs the Association of Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations (AIRTO) and BHR Group and was elected to the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014. 

Paul’s leadership tip – Lead with Purpose and the rest will follow 

As CEO NNL Paul’s Social media says – Responsible for leadership of the National Nuclear Laboratory Ltd delivering applied technology solutions to the industry covering environmental restoration, continued operations, clean growth and novel uses of nuclear. We manage and operate £1.5bn of unique facilities in the UK that are capable of handling any material associated with the industry, we deliver £1bn of value to the nuclear industry each year through commercial contracts. 

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