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May 28, 2022

#212: Roger Weatherby at Weatherbys Banking Group

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Roger Weatherby became CEO of Weatherbys Bank in 2000. Weatherbys Banking Group is part of the 7th generation family group that includes Weatherbys Ltd – the business that has administered horse racing & thoroughbred breeding in the UK since 1770. He was educated at Eton College & Sandhurst; he joined 15/19 Hussars in 1982 before working at Cazenove & Co. for 11 years in Sydney, New York and London.
He gained his Masters in Finance from London Business School and joined Weatherbys in 1997. He was Chairman of Weatherbys Hamilton, the private client insurance partnership until this year, and was Chairman of Arkle Finance, the bank’s asset finance subsidiary, until 2018.
He held the post of Senior Steward (Chairman) of The Jockey Club from 2014-2019. He was a trustee of Racing Welfare, the racing industry’s charity for “racing people” for 12 years and its chairman from 2005-2010. From 2010-2013 he was the inaugural Chairman of The Racing Foundation, which was set up by racing after the sale of The Tote.
He has run several marathons, ridden horses across Spian, France & pakistan and was on the re-enactment of Scott’s “Closing of the South Pole” expedition in 2005, raising over £400,000 for charity. In 2018 Roger started “Creating the Future” which brings together experts in diverse subjects to stimulate discussion around major issues facing society. The second event was held in 2019 and an online version in 2021. He was awarded Spears’ Outstanding Achievement Award in 2019.

He & his long-suffering wife, Semantha, have 4 children and various dogs and horses on their small farm in Leicestershire. Roger’s top tip: culture eats strategy for breakfast. He is proud that his bank is 100% human and 100% digital

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