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July 18, 2022

#219: Garrett Kinsman – Co-founder of Nodle

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Garrett Kinsman dropped out of college to join FireChat, a smartphone app that builds Mesh Networks. FireChat became a symbol of democracy as it was used around the world at protests and music festivals. Kinsman then traveled to India on a spiritual awakening, but got a tech job instead. Kinsman spent two years in Bengaluru, working for Ola Cabs, running hardware for their Innovation Labs and building Ola Play, the largest connected car infrastructure to date. There he explored new types of wireless infrastructure and built solar powered mesh networks in his spare time. He moved back to America in 2017 to CoFound Nodle with Micha Benoliel, the founder of FireChat, where they are building a “Simple, Global Wireless Network to connect billions of IoT devices.” Together they seek to free the internet.

A new era of software defined design is upon us. This evolution encompasses almost every aspect of our daily lives. I’m fascinated with the things that make up our world around us and how they got to be.

From prototyping an idea, to marketing it to the masses, the processes truly go hand in hand. A simple concept can change the world.

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