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August 15, 2022

#223: Róbert Vass, President & Founder of GLOBSEC

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Róbert Vass is the president and founder of GLOBSEC, a leading nongovernmental organization in Europe dealing with international security, sustainability, and economic issues. Its mission is to make Europe and the world a safer, more prosperous and sustainable place by providing policy advise and putting together right people on an independent platform. GLOBSEC is organizing one of the largest international conferences in Europe with a focus on international security, economy, and other global social and economic issues, hosting annually over 1500 political, business, media and thought leaders from over 80 countries.

Róbert started his journey as a student of international relations at the University of Matej Bel in Slovakia. At that time, group of students established GLOBSEC conference to put Slovakia on the world’s diplomatic map.

Róbert currently manages an international team of more than 80 people composed of 12 different nationalities with the headquarters in Bratislava and a satellite offices in Brussels, Vienna and Warsaw and plans to open office in Washington DC. The idea behind GLOBSEC comes also from Róbert’s view of Slovakia’s position in Europe. He wanted to prove that the ambition to make the world better is not limited by the size of the country you come from, or the place where you are, but by the power of ideas and determination to put them into practice. You do not have to be in London, Brussels nor Washington to shape the world. You can contribute to a global policy debate and make a global impact even from a small city or a small country as well. GLOBSEC has a strong value-based DNA that believes in democracy, free societies, rule of law and international cooperation. Such perception comes from the strong experience of a country that went through some tough eras of totalitarian regimes in the past.

Although they have started just a little student project, nowadays they have created a recognizable global brand with hundreds of media coverage. Robert’s view on leadership is in sharing his vision with the rest of the team and showing them trust and offering high responsible roles within the organisation where they can enforce expertise.

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