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September 27, 2022

#229: Graham Brown & Jonathan Bowman-Perks on Health & Wellbeing

Podcast Details

Join Graham and Jonathan as they discuss how you can enhance your high performance through aspects of health, well-being and brain health. These are topics that both feel so passionate about and are early adopters so have experimented with. You can hear about the macro view on: eat move sleep breathe focus and prosper.

This month’s session is on what you eat and your exercise regime.

You can hear about longevity and the importance of the ‘blue zones’ where Graham has lived in a number of them around the world (Okinawa) with the importance of a sense of purpose exercise and social interaction. You may be interested in extreme endurance events like the double mountain marathons and ironman competition, which both hosts have completed, and what they learnt about managing inflammation.

You will receive details about diet, illness, sickness, the ‘stoic philosophy’ and the importance that, between stimulus and response, you always have a choice.

Happiness is about exercising CHOICE. You will receive recommendations about some of the hosts’ favourite books on health and well-being and you can look forward to the next month where in part two they look into sleeping breathing mindfulness and yoga.

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