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October 31, 2022

#234: Mike Amato – Professional Speaker & Advisor

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Don’t confuse inputs with outputs. Considering puts your relationships with your customers, your employee value proposition culture, your quality management metrics and why you are relevant.

Mike Amato has spent over 35 years as a leader in financial services in global executive and non-executive board roles. With a non-wavering focus on employee engagement and customer advocacy, Mike understands the power of building a trusting relationship with customers through highly engaged colleagues, creating a high performance, values-based culture. Mike is extremely experienced transforming businesses from under-performance to best-in-class growth in both physical and digital channels at scale.

Following his executive career, Mike served on the board of directors for both Santander UK and for Tandem Bank UK, a digital start-up. Mike is also the Chairman of the advisory board of the UK start-up, Brands With Values.

Today Mike is an executive coach, keynote speaker and advisor, as well as the author of The Better Way To Win, which illustrates how organizations can succeed while leading through crisis. In addition, Mike is an owner of Ambassador Wines of Washington, named ‘Winery of the Year’ by the Washington Wine Awards and a member of the ‘Top Wineries In The World’, by Wine and Spirits magazine.

Meet Mike through an excerpt from his book, The Better Way To Win: “One Friday evening, as I was preparing to head home after a long day in my new job as an executive at Barclays in London, the phone rang. It was a producer at the BBC who told us that we would be on national TV on Sunday. They had embedded three reporters on our staff in branches and call centers and had video recorded training, meetings, and interviews with their fellow “colleagues” revealing a toxic culture where customer well-being had taken a back seat to hitting financial targets. The show was called Whistleblower, and it gave a clear message that our new management team was not facing just poor management behaviors, but we had a toxic culture that had to be addressed holistically and in record time. What resulted was a cultural overhaul for 30,000 employees that became one of the most dramatic turnarounds in UK banking history. Come on the journey with me and see:

  • How the myopic focus on profitability ironically damages profitability How to spot the early signs of cultural degradation before crisis strikes
  • How the P&L of People and Leadership are the twin keys to unlocking stellar financial performance How to structure the creation of an intentional culture serving a common purpose
  • You will learn how to sustain an intentional culture by streamlining communications to end virtue signaling and connect with your organization on an entirely new, and deeper level. More relevant today than ever before, read along and see that there is, indeed, “A Better Way To Win!”

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