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November 29, 2022

#238: Graham Brown & Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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So, what is your collective, cognitive and culture intelligence quotient like?

This week, Graham Brown and Jonathan Bowman-Perks have a fascinating journey through your questions, and share their experiences on books like: Reclaiming Conversations, Finding and Keeping Love and Non Violent Communications, to name a few.

Jonathan shares what he has given up to become higher performing and more present. Graham shares ‘meeting hacks’ and how decisions should be made at the lowest possible levels.

You will learn about the ‘Richer Way’ and ‘Maverick’ and how innovation comes from failure. You will learn about inclusivity vs toxicity, and the value of story telling and life stories.

Enjoy tips galore on collaboration and improving culture. Come in – the water is lovely and warm…….

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