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March 06, 2023

#252: Graham Brown & Jonathan Bowman-Perks on Personal Brand

Podcast Details

In this podcast, Graham Brown, the author of Brand Love: how to build a brand worth talking about, joins the conversation for a wide-ranging discussion on branding. They start by exploring the idea that a brand is the experience of both an individual and their organization. They emphasize the importance of 360 feedback to avoid blind spots and provide intelligence from others’ perspectives. The conversation then turns to the Falklands War, with Jonathan sharing some stories of his colleagues who served with him.

Moving on to personal branding and the “Attention Economy,” they discuss how social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram impact personal brands. The importance of clear talking points and storytelling to refine one’s brand is also discussed. They caution against being drawn to leaders’ charisma instead of their integrity and character, as these are more important qualities. The podcast also covers the idea of having strong opinions loosely held and the dangers of advertising organizations preying on people’s sense of inadequacy and imposter syndrome.

Finally, the conversation touches on AI pattern recognition, and how it will replace many jobs like doctors, accountants, and lawyers. They conclude by asking listeners to consider their brand reputation, image, and impact, and how they can enhance it.

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