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May 23, 2023

#263: Andrew Griffiths – Royal Navy Officer & Leadership Coach

Podcast Details

In this podcast discussion, two former military officers share insights on leading in an uncertain world and how their experiences have shaped their leadership journeys.

Andrew Griffiths, our guest, served in the Royal Navy for 22 years and now runs his own leadership practice while delivering global leadership programs for Duke Corporate Education.

We explore the challenges leaders face, the rapid progress of AI technology, and the need to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Andrew introduces the acronym ‘TAB’ (Thinking, Attitude, and Behaviour) as a way to survive and thrive in this new world.

We discuss the Nolan Principles and their relevance to the behavior of leaders in public office, acknowledging that leadership is a perception game in which we often fall short.

Andrew shares valuable insights for strategic leaders, including finding the ‘North Star,’ getting on the balcony to gain perspective, and being self-aware while managing the leader’s shadow.

He debunks the myth of ‘Command and Control’ in the military and emphasizes the importance of being yourself with skill.

Andrew’s diverse leadership journey and extensive experience in facilitating and coaching make him a valuable resource for organizations navigating strategy implementation, change leadership, and complexity.

He has worked with numerous global clients and is recognized for his expertise in leadership development.

Andrew’s top leadership tip is rooted in self-awareness and stoic philosophy: be yourself…with skill.

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