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December 21, 2020

Calling Out the Truth – Philippa Snare CMO Facebook & Jonathan Bowman-Perks: Inspiring Leadership Interview

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Lead with your personal values and if they are continually compromised, then you have to make a decision.

Philippa Snare – CMO EMEA Facebook Before Philippa Snare joined Facebook as director of business marketing for EMEA. Her role was all about the three Ps – people, purpose and positivity. Philippa ran all of Microsoft’s centralised marketing services, which included its owned and operated websites, marketing communications, CRM programmes, social media and relationships with external digital agencies. Her business and consumer experience led to her becoming CMO in 2011. She joined Microsoft in 2000 and is a qualified web developer. Philippa has worked in the internet industry for over 25 years and is a qualified web developer and MBA Graduate.

She began at Scoot, building a dotcom business growing £100M in Classified Ads and then Yell as Business Development focusing on distribution with multi-national and global partners. In 2000, Philippa joined Microsoft in MSN and grew online Services by 300% in advertising revenue. She has subsequently lead PR, built a Modern Marketing organisation, driving strategic initiatives for Microsoft in the UK. In Facebook she continues her passion in building extraordinary future digital marketing impact demonstrating thought leadership and driving positive change. In her spare time, Philippa is passionate about horse riding, diving and travelling, she occasionally plays Polo.

She earnt a great leadership track record as CMO Microsoft & Global Role in Facebook. People know Philippa as inspirational – she cares deeply about people, nature, leadership & learning. She especially values time in nature – which she finds gives her energy. When I worked with Philippa as her coach I was impressed by all she does for others and for our planet – from personally cleaning up the sea bed to coaching vulnerable girls. She has worked for remarkable Leaders – eg Duncan McKillop technical leader at Scoot who is very values led. Judy Gibbons MSN she found was exceptional at getting ownership and working together on a mission using people’s skills & strengths.

Sarah Personette in Facebook stood out for her too as a vibrant energy giver. Also very respectful of coach Mike Pegg Philippa cares deeply and willing contributes to society via the Inspiring Leadership Trust charity for vulnerable girls set up by Leigh Bowman-Perks. Also Blue Marine foundation & Prince’s Trust International. She got great energy from involving her team designing campaigns reducing knife crime. When discussing learning from mistakes and faults, we had a great chat.

Some senior leaders don’t like too much openness or honesty. She’s often got herself in trouble for “being unconventional” by being very blunt and not mincing words. However – others know what you stand for and where you are. The downside is leaders with a fixed rather than growth mindset feel threatened or exposed. Philippa said – I have been working on “Toning down” that frankness.
Top tip – lead with your personal values and if they are continually compromised, then you have to make a decision.

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