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May 31, 2021

CEO’s Inspiring Leadership Forum #2: CEO’s Pandemic Challenges – Priorities, People and Future

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Purpose product people and money. Be courageous follow your passion. This is an endemic. We are not through it yet. Beware of your impatience. Get back into the office where you can as we are better together.
  1. CEO’s Inspiring Leadership Forum – CEO’s Pandemic Challenges – Priorities, People and Future

A panel discussion on pandemic challenges for CEOs. Their priorities the lessons for the future disruption the impact on people the future of the office and ways of working the impact on the UK and the global economy.

A fascinating panel of CEOs hosted by Jonathan Bowman-Perks including Danny Payne CMG, Richard Bourne, Jon Dutton, Simon Brewer and Sir Peter Wanless. 

Keeping the energy and motivation of your people in these tough times. Maintaining work life balance. First stages emergency response second is creating a better future thirdly no plan survives the first meeting with the enemy i.e. the pandemic. Think then act. This is the opportunity to make use of the disruption caused by the endemic.

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