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November 15, 2021

CEOs Inspiring Leadership Forum: Leadership is Meetings & The Future of Work: Hybrid Working, Trust and Creativity

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Mix Hybrid and Working From Home: You need in person for trust and creativity whilst also WFH for focussed productivity without interruption

Listen to an impressive collection of CEOs and CEO’s Advisors – James Bashall CB CBE, Emma Kane, Sam Mercer, Sharon Peacock CBE, Gary C Laney, Brian J Esposito, chat on the following topics: 1. How is the future of work going to develop in your sector – Hybrid, Full Office or Mainly Remote First? 2. What is your lessons from creating successful meetings and minimizing video fatigue? 3. How much more benefit are you gaining from face to face meetings coaching and mentoring vs by Video and Phone? The wisdom and experience was drawn from many sectors with simple but profound tips such as: Have clear agendas and purpose, ensure everybody reads it in advance. Stick to the start and finish times – why do you need to have a 60 minute meeting? Why not 20 minutes?

Don’t have any other business AOB. As you will get ambushed and the meeting will get taken off track. Instead end every meeting with a “burning issue round” of questions and themes that have not been addressed in this session but should be addressed in the future one. The problems of “disconnection syndrome” and the need to rebuild trust with the workforce. The fact that productivity is down 40% in tech companies during the working from home phase. The place of work for people – office or WFH. The impact on local service industries (many closed) in some of the big cities now that more people stay away from them and work from home. The reduction in commuting time which has got switched into extra work time. The need for people to attend in person in places like labs hospitals and on building sites.

There is a greater quantity of work, but the question is: is there more quality? The loss of confidence and trust between people who don’t see each other. There is real tension for HR directors. Costs are down – as there is far less travel – but trust is down in meetings and on boards due to lack of physical presence. The danger of less creativity and sparking off each other in impromptu spontaneous ways. Where is the cultural glue for new joiners who never get to meet their colleagues? The impact of reduced mental health and the loss of impromptu meetings. Now there are just programmed meetings which are back to back in exhausting long days. Less is more.

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