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June 25, 2021

CEO’s Inspiring Leadership Forum – Strategy Technology & Digitisation with Host Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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This is a new Endemic and Technology Era – challenge all your previously held ideas and design work more effectively

163.  CEO’s Inspiring Leadership Forum – Strategy Technology & Digitisation  A fascinating discussion hosted by Jonathan Bowman Perks with guests Danny Payne – CEO of FCDO Services, Lieutenant-General James Bashall – Board advisor, Simon Brewer – Money Maze podcast, Martin Wilson  CEO digital identity net (DIN), Daron Moorcroft CEO of the Woodland Trust and David Harney President and COO Europe for Canada Life Group. 
The forum debated: “how have you leveraged the connection between technology and strategy in our new normal digital world?” Also, “what are the greatest challenges and greatest opportunities?” This was a wide ranging conversation including AI, robotics cyber warfare, the impact on legacy systems, the digital revolution, hybrid ways of working and recruitment when you have new diversity opportunities to recruit from anywhere in the world. 

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