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April 28, 2022

#208: Dan Ziegler – President & CEO YCDB

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Dan Ziegler is an instigator of innovation, ideation, and common sense with an unwavering determination to bring products and services to market. Having amassed an impressive record of achievement from his purposeful career choices, he quickly grasps the big picture, assesses capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses while identifying strategic and tactical solutions that build, motivate and empower.

For over 30 years Dan has been building, coaching, and learning from leaders, partners, clients, customers, and global teams that continually execute at the highest levels. He is a dynamic leader who consistently pinpoints the accuracy of a brand’s trajectory and forecasts successful strategies for corporate growth paths. A good guesser with his finger on the pulse of what’s next. Having endured personal and physical challenges throughout his life, he consistently held onto the dreamer inside.

Known as a change agent, Dan is an award-winning executive, twice nominated as one of the best coaches in NY and most often leading ideation sessions, business development projects, and performance marketing strategies with clients in need of perspective. Notable successes in diverse industries including hospitality, automotive, real estate, eCommerce, Media have provided him with a master’s degree level of perspective, Dan is consistently recognized for implementing systems that improve the brand, client, and customers’ overall experience leading to revenue and retention.

YCDB; is his global brand development, process improvement, and business consulting firm. Designed for principals, owners, and start-up teams. Dan enjoys coaching a diverse mix of business leaders, brand innovators, service providers, and entrepreneurs. YCDB provides solutions for companies or individual strategies that include ideation, development, project review, brand design, intuitive process creation, sales leadership training, strategy, business development, and management. Dans leadership Tip – You Can Dream Bigger and we can all Do Better.

Dans leadership Tip: You Can Dream Bigger and we can all Do Better.

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