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March 27, 2021

Communications for space & safety: Roman Roberts, RealTalk Podcaster & Former Military Interrogator: with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

Podcast Details

  1. Roman Roberts
    Roman Roberts is a business consultant and podcast host, of the Real Talk with Roman Podcast. 

Roman focuses on helping businesses and individuals improve their communication leveraging the skills and mistakes he made around communication in foster care, interrogation, business, and his daily life.  

Roman served as a U.S. Army Interrogator and deployed multiple times with special operations teams and has also supported intelligence agencies, foreign special operations teams, diplomats, among others. Throughout his time as an interrogator, he conducted thousands of interrogations and wrote reports that were used at all levels of the military, and even the White House intelligence committee.   

Upon leaving the military Roman found that despite having all the communication skills he was not communicating honestly and effectively with himself and those around him. This lack of communication almost cost him his marriage and his life and is the driver behind his podcast and his focus on effective communication.  

Roman has also worked with various manufacturing, financial, non-profits, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies as a leader and consultant helping them improve their communication and operations to become effective business 

In this episode, Roman dives deep into effective communication, how it relates to leadership, and how his past experiences and traumas helped him become the communicator and leader he is now.  

Roman provided many great tips in this interview, but as a former interrogator and consultant focused on communication, his top tip is to get comfortable with the fact that effective communication is not a skill most are born with, so get comfortable with honing, growing, and evolving your communication to be the effective communicator you, your family, your business, and the world needs.  

Roman has had a fascinating action packed life and has still so much to give, grow and learn with the leaders he supports and the communications work he advises on.

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