December 22, 2020

Creative Inspiring Leadership in the Fashion Industry: Fiona Lambert Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Be yourself – everyone else is taken. Authenticity is key.

Fiona Lambert – Creative Inspiring Leadership in the Fashion Industry

Fiona has had an amazing leadership upbringing & knew from the age of 11 she wanted to be a fashion designer. So after studying fashion at university she began working with George Davies at NEXT then moved with him to set up George at ASDA With a focus on Women’s fashion Fiona is now MD at Harpenne as part of the River Island Group. River Island caused a media flurry when it recently unveiled a new womenswear brand Harpenne, which aims to fill a gap in the market with 120 different ethically-sourced items designed to suit all body shapes The importance of decision making rather than indecision and living with the consequences. Also so important to not try and fit into others moulds and play to your own strengths.

In her extra session she spoke of her speciality – helping people focus on what would you want your legacy to be? For her it’s about being passionate about great Product design and she recognises the positive impact clothing can have on how people feel about themselves. Passionate about developing people to the best they can be. She has won many awards as a leader for innovation, inspiration and mentoring. She likes and is now comfortable being different – doing the job she loves – the more you love a job the better you will be at it. Talking on bosses who avoided personal accountability. She feels risk taking and decision making is especially crucial in fashion – it’s inevitable you will make mistakes but be able to adjust and move on.

Since recording this Fiona is now excited about new opportunities. She is a fashion and lifestyle brand transformation expert, brand creator, senior retail executive consultant and Mentor to many people. She is a truly inspiring woman who does not let a pandemic and an existential crisis for the retail industry caused by the recession stop her being creative, inspiring and helping other people. She is particularly championing the issue of ethical manufacturing in the UK.

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