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July 18, 2021

Curious Explores: Lane Belone: SF (Green Beret), Humble Alpha with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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Figure out and articulate your preferred day, week, month and year. Then make every decision that aligns with each.
  1. Lane Belone: co-author “Unleash Your Humble Alpha”, SF (Green Beret)

Lane Belone is a curious explorer, harmonious creator and enjoyer of the good stuff in life. He is the co-author of Unleash Your Humble Alpha, a Special Forces (Green Beret) Veteran and co-founder of the Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment Movement. Lane is also a spiritual advisor and focuses much of his time on Veteran healing. Lane grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and joined the military at the age of 17. Shortly after joining the Army, he tried out for the elite Special Forces. After successfully completion of the Special Forces Qualification Course, he spent 8 years as a Green Beret.  

He conducted missions and deployments all over the world. During the course of his military career, he also traveled on his own and has visited over 40 countries in total. Lane now focuses much of his effort on the Humble Alpha leadership movement and the Veteran healing space with his business partner (and co-author) Steven Kuhn.  

He also advises CEO’s and business leaders with their premier program, Humble Alpha Leadership Paradigm Upgrade Advisory Program. The program has a strong foundation rooted from the book, and takes it to the next level. The Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (HAVE) Movement aims to elevate our Veteran and local civilian communities around the world. Military Veterans have a heart of service and fully appreciate being part of a mission bigger than themselves.  

Veterans follow the Humble Alpha leadership method by working from the inside, out. Understanding their true identity, purpose and moving forward in life with certainty. Veterans gather fellow Veterans and civilians in their local communities to elevate those who need it most, called HAVE Missions. HAVE Missions spark hope within those who may have lost it and inspire others to step into their greatness. The heart of this movement is the in-person connection and elevation, yet it’s part of an even bigger picture. The HAVE Movement is an entire ecosystem aimed to elevate humanity at nearly every facet of society.  

The HAVE Investment Fund plays a critical role to inject big capital into a movement that has perfected the balance of “heart of service” and effective application. Also included are Veteran healing programs aimed at letting go of the trauma once and for all.  

Everything Lane does in life has the intention to elevate humanity and inspire the most Quality of Life in everyone he meets.  

 Top Leadership Tip: Figure out and articulate your preferred day, week, month and year. Then make every decision that aligns with each.

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