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January 02, 2021

Do What is Right: Andy Taylor VP Schneider Electric inspiring leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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The welfare of a company rests on the welfare of its people even more now than ever.Don’t worry about what others think. Always look forward. Do what’s right and you will be OK.

Andy Taylor – VP at Schneider Electric

Andy has always had an abundance of energy, drive and enthusiasm which has culminated in an amazing career. Coming from a disadvantaged background had a humble beginning as an apprentice electrician in the ESI and rose to the dizzy heights over 47 years to become a Director of a 1Bn Euro company. Working as a transformational leader in the Electrical Contracting, Servicing and Manufacturing industries putting the customer and its people at the heart of any decision in which he has role modelled through his day to day behaviour and attitude.

One thing that has been fundamental in his success is ability to spot talented people at an early stage and nature them through to fulfil their potential. In doing so he is a firm believer that if they become successful, the business grows from strength to strength on the back of it and both over time are rewarded accordingly. A strong diverse management team that has the freedom to challenge will always knock down walls. Tip: The welfare of a company rests on the welfare of its people even more now than ever.

Andy is now Semi retired but was responsible for 5 different Businesses ranging from £30m to £310m turnover and accountable for the Profitability, Cash Generation, Development of its People, Quality of Service and Product , and Continuous Improvement of Processes. In addition to having full legal responsibility for the Health Safety & Sustainability activities and now Customer Satisfaction. Prior to Schneider Electric worked in the ESI industry at senior mgt level in the Contracting and Services businesses.

And he tells very powerful story of overcoming a tough early childhood when his parents had 4 kids under 5 so gave him up for adoption at age 6 and he never saw them again. He was plagued by the feeling that he was never good enough and has strived hard to do his best and overcome adversity bullying and setbacks. He rose from being a young apprentice to become the director of a 1 billion Euro company and has filled 18 leadership positions. He has learnt to stand on his own 2 feet and believe strongly in discipline – which she learnt in the children’s home.

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