December 21, 2020

Fitness – First: Nathan Newton Willington – Owner & Trainer at Ladies Only Studio with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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You can control your own thoughts and actions – you can’t control anyone else’s

Nathan is a 30-year-old aspiring Entrepreneur in the fitness industry. He owns a gym in Grantham, and has a passion for people, building relationships and providing solutions.  He has been a Personal Trainer for the last 8 years. This has given him experience working in large commercial gyms, small gyms and managing small fitness facilities.

Nathan is the creator of the Ladies Only Studio – A Personal Training gym for Ladies that are put off by less personal/supportive larger gyms (founded Oct-2017). He is also the creator of Fit Pod 25 – Taking the experience of PT to a level yet to be seen, 2 prototypes currently being used, seeking funding to expand. He says: “I am leadership and culture minded with a passion for designing solutions and have experience in designing and managing projects from concept to market. 

 Nathan was PT to myself and my family. Very open about his shyness and obesity with a food addiction, working as a car mechanic. You become like the 5 people you spend most time with throughout your lifeHe was sleep deprived with no focus and discipline. No positive influences or role models until he met a friend called Lee Maples. He was a fitness fanatic and driven and Nathan was the opposite. He showed me what it was like to take care of yourself and value yourself. Took me on a bike ride after 3 years of pestering me. Nathan was 300lbs (20.5 stone) no strength or endurance. He drank 20 pints of larger a week 4 nights of drinking a week smoking 20 cigarettes a day and 3 hours of sleep. First ride was 20 miles. Lee was supportive and Non-Judgemental, and they cycled every weekend and abused his body – drinking, eating, gaming and driving cars and getting pulled over and sectioned by the police. 

Every Saturday in the midst of this poor lifestyle he went riding with Lee – Nathan didn’t want to let him down. Don’t give up on people – mates. Cycled for 5 years from 19 onwards every weekend. Then started going to the gym. 

As a trainer now Nathan doesn’t want to let his clients down and they don’t want to let him down. Kept a promise to himself and a little bit of belief. Stay patient and stay the course – something better will happen. Listen to James Clear Atomic Habits compounding improvements.  

Nathan was addicted to various things and it shifted from food, alcohol & smoking to gym training. Instantly dropped fat and felt better – clothes less tight. Treadmill running made him pant so he couldn’t run and pressure to sort out at 19. Feeling good yet still didn’t have sufficient belief that anyone will like him. In pit “I don’t believe in myself so why would anyone else?” 

Obesity in UK – Obese rates from 1988 14% grown to 2019 – now 37%. 

Nathan traded one addiction for another – obsess about gym body and more committed than others. Muscle bound body – could run & lift but still didn’t like himself. 

 Never complain – never apologise!   FAIL = First Attempt In Learning

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