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April 05, 2021

How to Win Friends & Influence People: Dom Burch, Strategic Communications Specialist with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Read the book how to Win friends and influence people (see Amazon Link)
  1. Dom Burch
    Dom is a strategic communications expert, who most recently has been helping SYKE – the world’s foremost legal tech consultancy – tell its story. I was fortunate to work with Dom some years ago as his leadership coach and have always been impressed by his creativity inside and ability to learn grow and develop.
    Since leaving Asda in 2016 and setting up his own consultancy (Why Social) Dom has been fortunate to work alongside some great consumer brands including: L.L.Bean, Superdry, Betsafe, Accolade Wines (Echo Falls, Hardys, Kumala), and N Brown Group (Simply Be, JD Williams, Jacamo). He’s also advised B2B clients like NSF International, G4S, and Sun Branding Solutions helping them define or adapt their social media strategies. 

In 2018 he teamed up with fellow ex-Asda director John Buxton to launch Salts Huby. Together they are helping brands reach new audiences, and grow their existing businesses through a disruptive approach to sales and marketing, be that pop-up retail, experiential marketing or harnessing social media.

Having spent nearly 20 years in the world of communications, 18 of those in-house for Green Flag, Direct Line and Asda, Dom has built up an extensive network of trusted individuals and agencies who he can call on to help in almost any situation.

In addition to his background in public relations and strategic communications, he has a personal passion for social media, and helps companies define their strategy, up-skill their in-house teams and recruit new talent. He also provides ecommerce consultancy, general retail consultancy, business management, coaching and mentoring.

As a volunteer, Dom chairs the management committee of an award-winning community radio station in his adopted home city of Bradford called BCB 106.6fm.

He is an early investor in his brother’s med-tech start-up Tiny Medical Apps, and the host of a weekly podcast called Legal Tech Made Simple.

Dom’s top tip
How to win friends and influence people – a timeless book written nearly 100 years ago, but as profound and important today as it was then. Every chapter has an important insight into how people tick, backed up by great stories that make those lessons memorable, and practical tips that enable you to put the theory into immediate practice.

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