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December 21, 2020

Inclusion & Diversity – Paz Avalos GM Sodexo inspiring Leadership with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

Inclusion & Diversity

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Don’t be a suck! Take control! Dare to dream and never give up
Paz Avalos – General Manager Operations at Sodexo,
Global Inclusion and Diversity supporter and finalist of the 2020 Australian FMA Industry Awards in this category Paz describes herself as an insatiable dreamer – born in Chile and with a rigorous religious upbringing, Paz re-shaped her sense self as an imperfect, stubborn human, a loving parent and resilient gay woman in a man’s world. Paz shares how daring to dream was the greatest ever teaching from her father, which has guided her life and career. Her mother’s greater gift was showing her how to never give up. Her leadership tip: Don’t be a suck! Take control! Dare to dream and never give up. 
Paz is an example of openness and honesty and powerfully sharing her challenges about coming out as Gay and being true to herself.
I found her to be truly Inspirational!
Paz really values being yourself and Loving yourself more.
We discussed recognising the importance of choice -we always have choice between stimulus and response. We should also be aware of our untrue limiting assumptions – that we live them as if they are true.
She is very keen on all of us reminding ourselves about humility keeping ourselves fit healthy which also health and excellent for mental health too.For her she always does daily exercise whether it be running weights, HIIT Training.
Never make a rushed decision, if you can avoid it. We need to really ask ourselves is a deadline so crucial or can you question it.
Getting advice is important but ensure that you asked for the right amount of advice and differing advice but don’t overdo it. The other issue we discussed is people’s search for perfection and making the right decision, even though it might destroy relationships. You need to constantly ask yourself do I want to be right or do I want to sustain and maintain good relationships sometimes you have to have a less than perfect solution in order to ensure that everybody else is on board without unnecessarily compromising and giving up your values
Building trust and relationship takes time and requires you to be open and upfront and to build Psychological Safety. Understanding somebody’s life story can be done on video calls or on road trips. She also has a real passion for what she does and an energy which allows us to keep going not give up nor be discouraged. From her feedback she received that people saw her as high energy relentless and determined. In one of her insights she said “there’s nothing are scarce as common sense”. So she learnt a lot in BHP as a graduate there worked in an engineering male world and made the right call to come out and be comfortable being gay and finding a partner to share her life with and bring up some beautiful children.
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