December 28, 2020

Inspiring the Next Generation of Podcasters: Alex Chisnall CEO Screw it let’s do it: Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman Perks MBE

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As Steve Jobs said: You can only join the dots up when you look back. And the time you don’t see the pattern but looking back you can see how you develop your life and your career

Alex Chisnall – Founder of Screw It, Just Do It Podcast Agency – Inspiring the next generation of Podcasters.

As Steve Jobs said, “you can only join the dots up when you look back”. Alex said: “I started straight from University as a trainee journalist at BBC Radio Wales interviewing everyone from heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis, to leader of the opposition Neil Kinnock. I now feel life’s come full circle as I’m back in the audio space, helping leading brands & entrepreneurs tell their stories through the power of podcasting.”

He went on to say: “In between I’d had my head turned & left to see the world with Virgin Atlantic Airways. Then Inspired by my boss, Sir Richard Branson, I left Virgin to set up my own business. I’m now the founder of the Screw It, Just Do It podcast agency. From initially launching my own show and receiving two downloads, to last year getting a #1 rated business show from the UK to Uganda and downloaded in 140+ countries, I passionately believe that everybody deserves to be heard & everybody should have their own voice. Podcasting is a great enabler in this regard. My biggest takeaways when it comes to leadership was seeing how well Richard recruited people who had skills he didn’t.

Podcasting is the fastest growing form of media. Alex Said:

I’m also an advisor for Global Startup generator & VC Antler:

I also love hosting the quarterly British American Business ‘Accelerate’ series – – This is an SME forum for businesses looking to scale-up in the US & vice-versa

Up to July 2019 I was a mentor with Virgin Startup & Chief Start Upper at StartUpU, Virgin StartUp’s regional delivery partner. I helped Sir Richard Branson‘s not-for-profit business Virgin Startup support hundreds of entrepreneurs reach their full potential through funding & mentoring. Previously I was a mentor with Ymca where we helped inspire young adults to become entrepreneurs – & which led me down the path I’ve chosen

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