January 01, 2021

Investing in Visionary Founders in Human Health – Izzy Fox: Inspiring Leadership Interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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Find something you love and dream big. Be resilient and don’t give up.

Isabel Fox is one of just a handful of female General Partners in the UK, who manages an early stage deep-tech fund focused on human health (healthcare, life sciences, agriculture, food and wellness).

At Luminous Ventures, Isabel has the opportunity to indulge her passion for innovation, investing in visionary founders with frontier technologies and supporting them to commercialise to scale. Her portfolio includes; Synthace, Mahana, Phenomic, Temporall, Hadean, Optellum, Ellipsis, Vital Health, Huma, Oxford VR and many more. Before venture capital, Isabel founded two corporate communications firms focused on the venture ecosystem (two exits), co-founded two software start-ups (one exit) and been an active angel investor in the UK and US. Leadership tip – Find something you love and dream big. Be resilient and don’t give up.

Izzy says:

I am a mother, wellness coach, bio-hacker, Peloton enthusiast, horse lover and investor.
At Luminous, I have the opportunity to invest in daring founders that want to improve the world we live in – one that propels us forward in a positive way.

I’m passionate about science, innovation and technology in order to rethink how things work today and how it can be improved.

We invest in visionary founders (mostly PhDs) with breakthrough deep-technologies and science that can change the world. As technology develops, it rapidly changes the way we live, work and play. Right at this moment, we’re talking about artificial intelligence, quantum computing, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) across life sciences, health, agriculture, energy and mobility but innovative technologies spring up all the time and we remain on our feet to invest in tech that matters.

In the future, the way we interact with technology will be drastically different. We think of this as a new era of seamless computing and it is why we are especially interested in funding: conversational UIs, big data and software disrupting mature industries. We see artificial intelligence as a layer that will power all these sectors.

The Luminous Ventures portfolio includes Hadean, Synthace, BioBeats, FaceSoft, Active Global, Astroscreen and Beyond.

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