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December 21, 2020

Leading through Brutal Times – Colonel Jorge Mendonça DSO MBE & Jonathan Bowman-Perks: Inspiring Leadership Interview

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Beware of seemingly charming people who are toxic to those below them

Colonel (Retd) Jorge Mendonca DSO MBE Leadership Lessons: Army Colonel to Main Board Member .

Continuing the Inspiring Leadership series with Jorge Mendonça DSO MBE: Executive Director – Grosvenor Developments (Owner Duke of Westminster). As a Board member, Jorge is responsible for growing Grosvenor’s strategic land business, managing their developments outside central London and developing new business. Eighteen months after joining Grosvenor Britain & Ireland in 2013 as Operations Director, Jorge became the Portfolio Director and jointly led the London estate until June 2018.

Before Grosvenor Jorge was Network Rail’s Crossrail Programme Director responsible for delivering £2.5 Bn of railway infrastructure projects. Prior to joining Network Rail in 2008 Jorge had a career in the British Army where he held a variety of leadership and managerial appointments. Jorge was educated at RMA Sandhurst, Manchester University (BA Econ) and Cranfield University (MA Military Analysis). Jorge was a very successful Army officer for 26 years. He was promoted at the earliest opportunities and graduated from the prestigious Higher Command & Staff Course. Jorge has seen good, bad & ugly examples in Leadership.

In his current role he says Grosvenor‘s focus is delivering lasting commercial & social benefits. His top insights: 1. Beware of seemingly charming people who are toxic to those below them. 2. Personal chemistry is a key ingredient in leadership and team building 3. Following simple instructions – keep it simple- stick to the basics 4. What is “the effect you want to have”? 5. Avoid Death by PowerPoint- Entertain & Inform 6. Sandhurst & Army lessons were invaluable 7. He remembers his Father’s advice…. 8. People join great firms, they leave poor bosses (micro-managers) 9. Rarely need to be too directive – bullets don’t fly in business 10. Encourage, coach & help people make own decisions 11. Military lessons, principles & structure still serve him well (yet don’t be over structured and allow to build rapport and trust).

Since his Executive role at Grosvenor Jorge has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer at the Gascoigne Estates.

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