December 21, 2020

Learning from Other Leaders – Jonathan Bowman Perks’ Review of the 1st Month’s Inspiring Leaders Podcasts

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Serve to Lead – dont ask anything of others you would be prepared to do yourself.

My Review of the First Month Those interviewed so far:

1. Lt General Sir Nick Pope KCB CBE – British Army Deputy Chief of The General Staff
2. Alison Nimmo – CEO Crown Estate
3. Major General Paul Nanson CBE – Commandant Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
4. Philippa Snare CMO Facebook
5. Jorge Mendonca DSO – Exec Director Grosvenor Estates Developments and successful Army Officer
6. Anna Hemmings OLY MBE Olympian
7. Alistair Kett – Adjutant 1 RRF & Partner PwC
8. Brigadier James Richardson MBE – CEO Haig Housing Trust and former Comd 49 Brigade

Great stories. They shared some marvellous anecdotes & leadership lessons. Common themes – all have had tough jobs & careers, displayed courage, humility & Discipline. They are reflective life long learners who admit to their mistakes, act as coaches to their own teams & display impressive resilience. Also I shared lessons from my CEO coaching & Team coaching around Self & mutual awareness, trust & vulnerability.

A number of the leaders have been hugely shaped by their training in the Royal military Academy Sandhurst and service in the British Army or the Royal Air Force. This self-discipline, teamwork, mutual awareness and motto of “serving to lead” remain with them as they translated into business. For all of them teamwork was crucial and the three elements of: task, team and individual as a key component of their success. Also a theme that came through was that of overcoming adversity, learning from mistakes and we all make a lot of them and finally and resilience.

Deep care for those that you lead and getting to know the people around you so you can bring out the best in them came out as a further theme. Philippa was one who believed in being frank and straight talking and many of the military leaders do that naturally. Sometimes in business leadership too many people are to mealymouthed and don’t say what they really think or feel but just gossip behind people’s backs. That never works and creates mistrust and lack of psychological safety.

Being a leadership role model where you would not expect others to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself came through very strongly. Also the importance of fitness and sporting prowess leads on into military and business leadership. The requirement to encourage support and lead teams of diverse and varying abilities was also a crucial ingredient of people’s success.

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