January 02, 2021

Living Your Vocation, Calling & Reciprocity: Leigh Bowman-Perks: Inspiring Leadership CEO ILT interview with her husband Jonathan

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Reciprocity is key – how can you give back and yet also learn something in the process? its OK to be appropriately vulnerable – only the strongest can do so. That builds trust with those you lead.

Leigh Bowman-Perks – Business Performance Coach | International Speaker | Author | CEO Inspiring Leadership Trust and Inspiring Leadership Academy

Leigh shares the story of her life experiences and how that has shaped her to become the CEO of the Inspiring Leadership Trust charity. She has achieved this whilst also developing her skills as a Director of her own business supporting, challenging and inspiring as leadership coach, team coach, motivational speaker, author and podcaster. A very open authentic and heartfelt story whilst also sharing some tips and techniques which have helped the leaders that she has worked with and will be a benefit to you as well.

Leigh is an Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker and Top Team Facilitator. She offers deep expertise in talent management, culture change and leadership assessment and development. She gained a wealth of experience in Leadership and development roles in Centrica, Scandinavian airlines Barclays and HSBC. She is author of ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’‚Äč & co-author of the Inspiring Leadership Top Tips pocket book series. Leigh co-designed the Inspiring Leadership Compass, supported by a new suite of psychometric and assessment tools based on ground-breaking research into 21st century leadership. She is currently researching for her next book, Inspiring Leadership and the Toxic Turnarounds, looking at the dark and light side of leadership and business and will soon be launching her new podcast series of the same name.

Leigh founded and is CEO of the charity, Inspiring Leadership Trust (ILT), to help empower and develop the most vulnerable women and children in the UK and around the world. She mobilises inspiring business leaders around the concept of altruism and stewardship, to support the charity’s ambitions for international growth. Profits from her books are donated to the ILT.

Leigh’s ambition is to create a new movement for inspiring leadership and has founded the ‘Inspiring Leadership Academy’ – a free programme of development gifted by renowned international speakers, authors, athletes and coaches to help a growing leadership community who are passionate about supporting the goals of the charity.

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