December 29, 2020

Business Transformation Across Sectors: Mark Hodgkinson CEO SCOPE Charity: Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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Always remember you are a customer sample of one! Also a well-developed, engaged and agile team is far more valuable than one leader!

Mark Hodgkinson, CEO Scope, core themes of business transformation across sectors

Formerly the CEO Virgin Money, SVP Global Digital & Marketing EMI, Digital & Financial Services Director Asda, Group Marketing & Digital Director HMV, multiple Private Equity leadership / interim CEO roles covering Garden Centres, Care Homes and Restaurants.

Always remember you are a customer sample of one! Mark has had a truly cross sector career leading transformations across financial services, media, retail, leisure, care, restaurants and now the charity sector. He loves driving an organisation with the customer / those you serve right at the centre – leading to impact, growth and turnaround. He always starts and ends with the customer at the heart of everything he does. It is easy when you are at the top, to start to assume you are the most important person in the organisation and to forget why you are there and who you are there to serve – your customers. Sectors often require strong technical expertise and Mark recognises that he can never be the lead expert, but he has become practised at asking the simple questions that people start to forget to ask and hopefully lead to new insights and innovation. One more thing he believes is central to being a good leader and that is the people. This has been a common theme across different sectors. A well-developed, engaged and agile team is far more valuable than one leader!

Marks social media profile describes him as follows:
Lead & deliver business transformations. A customer focused, not for profit & commercial leader with extensive multi-site and multichannel strategic and operational experience. Broad sector coverage spanning charity, restaurants, housing, healthcare, entertainment, retail and financial services. Wide ownership structure experience covering start-ups, owner operator, PE backed, PLC, government & trustees.

I have enjoyed catching up with Mark throughout his successful career as he learns and grows and develops those around him. Working for Guy Hands was a unique experience.

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