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March 13, 2021

Zero Based Thinking: Michael Jacobsen – Coach, Media Presenter, Entrepreneur & Author; Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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From Brian Tracy. Zero-based thinking. Combining the past the present and the future. “Knowing what I know now would I…..” Give yourself permission. You know!
  1. Michael Jacobsen – Business Coach, Media Presenter, Entrepreneur & Author 

Michael is an active Entrepreneur in Entertainment & Leisure Property and holds investments in technology companies. He is a High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporate Executives. He also acts as a Consulting Advisor to corporations and Governments on entrepreneurialism and innovation.  

He has delivered programs for many large corporations in addition to being a formal Advisor to the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic during their recent European Union Presidency, has advised government agencies in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, and the UK. As an entrepreneur, he Co-founded an entertainment and leisure property empire that owned the international Intellectual property rights to produce the household name brand of Dirty Dancing on stage. He developed, owned, or operated many of the world’s leading entertainment and leisure properties (arenas, convention centers, and theatres).  

The author of The Business of Creativity and Entrepreneurs, Mavericks, and Empire Builders, Michael was also the Host of Nothing Ventured on Australia’s Sky News.  

Michael’s primary focus these days is on coaching and he chooses to work 1 on 1 with leaders in business, entertainment and government in multiple countries around the world. 

His experience of building international businesses combined with his history as an author, speaker and educator, helps him give the high achievers he works with an even greater edge in their own organisation. He credits Brian Tracey’s ‘Zero Based thinking’ as being one of the most transformational techniques he uses. Michael says that entrepreneurs, CEO’s, entertainers and Government Ministers come to him for a similar reason-because they want to build something that leaves a legacy, achieve extraordinary results(financial or another measurable metric) in the shortest possible time and be fulfilled. 

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