December 28, 2020

Overcoming Adversity: Colonel David Hudson Thales/ Special Forces & & Jonathan Bowman-Perks: Inspiring Interview

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Leaders Eat Last. You need to teach people How to think, not what to think. have decision made at the lowest possible level where the information exists.

David is a business leader and mentor and served 30 years in the British Army, including four tours with Special Forces. He ended his military career at Sandhurst where he was responsible for redesigning leadership training based on his operational experience and was credited with the biggest change to the Sandhurst course since the Second World War. With knowledge gained from his MBA at Cranfield University, he created a modern learning culture at Sandhurst that prioritised the learners’ needs over those of the institution. He realised that the focus needed to shift to developing people who knew how to think, not what to think. He believes that a leader must be able to think, decide, act and inspire, whilst under pressure (and often when scared) in a complex, changing or dangerous environment. These conditions of course exist beyond the military. David is inspired by apprentices and graduates just starting out. He believes traditional ‘heroic’ leadership styles are outdated and that a new collaborative and enabling style is needed for the information age.

An experienced and versatile leader with extensive operational experience, David has 38 years professional and business experience providing leadership and managing security and intelligence operations worldwide. He has an extensive track record of achieving enduring success and enjoys managing change and serious risk in complex and hostile environments. An inspirational and intuitive leader whose strength lies in managing diverse teams in dynamic and complex situations, where mission delivery is critical and people management essential.

David and I did Airborne training and P Company Parachute selection together with General James Bashall. We formed a very strong bond back then which has survived the many years since then. There is something about going through an extreme selection process that makes you or breaks you. It has been very special for me to catch up with David and meet his new wife Kate with him he travels on motorbike cycle tours that she is a guide for across the high Himalayas. David epitomises the ultimate adventurer, leader, friend TeamBuilder and inspirational humble leader.

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