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April 10, 2021

Review of Key Lessons from 147 Inspiring Leaders: Jonathan Bowman-Perks Reflects

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Send the lift back down to let others get to the top like you have been helped to do so. Spot young talent and mentor coach and champion them. They don’t have to make all the mistakes you have made.
  1. Jonathan BowmanPerks MBE – Review of 147 Podcast Leaders

🎙Jonathan Coaches CEOs. He solves their practical problems and helps them to build Inspiring Leadership, Inspiring Teams & Inspiring Results. 🏔 Message him for your 🆓 “Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders” 📚 Practical tips for your business & life success 🎯 

🎖 Trusted Leadership Coach to CEOs Chairmen 💼 & Executive teams 🎤 Host of Inspiring Leadership Podcast 🏆 Rated Top 2% of 🌎 Podcasters. British ⚔️ Army Officer & 💼 PLC Managing Director 

Jonathan said: 💎 I learnt so much from my mistakes & the 💪 strength that comes through vulnerability. My values= HIT: Honesty Integrity & Transparency. The tragic deaths of my 🛩 Fast-jet Royal Navy Pilot⚓️ Father & my 👩‍👦 Philanthropist Mother led to me living, writing & teaching “Inspiring Leadership” 

He went on to say “My Calling is to inspire YOU & your team to: find & live your 🧭 “True North”, 🔓 unlock your 🧨 potential, leave a legacy & make a difference via your 🏦 business. Email me NOW to Grow & Inspire others.” 

Jonathan takes us through a review of the first 147 different podcasts particularly calling out 145 with Joe Foster, 142 with Brian Ashton MBE, 141 with Dr Margaret CaselyHeyford CBE, 138 with Jeff Nischwitz, 131 with Patrick Kane, 126 with General Sir Mike Jackson, 124 with Paz Avalos, 121 with Derek Redmond OLY and 120 with Captain David Marquet. So, what makes an inspiring leader? He spots themes such as diverse experiences, humility humanity, heart and humour, that they are all referred by other people and not selfreferrals and people who seek selfaggrandisement. 

These leaders know about followership, servant leadership and creating a healthy culture. Of the eight components of the inspiring leadership Jonathan covers:

MQ: these inspiring leaders show integrity and hold them deeply as their foundational values from their upbringing and experiences they had on their journey. They believe in HIT– honesty, integrity and transparency. Most importantly their humility means that when they’re wrong, they do admit it.

PQ: in this they talk about having a clear sense of meaning and purpose with a vocation and obvious calling. They bring focus to their leadership have clear goals mission vision and a clear burning why they want people to do what they want.

HQ: they look after their nutrition the physical health and mental health, their well-being, their sleep their mindfulness they habitstack positive habits and they realise that stress is being here yet wanting to be there. 

CQ: cognitive and cultural intelligence is the ability to make difficult decisions and to be culturally diverse to accept equality and inclusion as their way of being in the world. There are also non-judgemental and non-attached whenever they can be. 

EQ: emotional and social intelligence is key to the success of the CEOs and leaders that I interview they’re able to read and manage their own emotions, other people’s emotions, and the reality of the situation. Managing their emotions is always work in progress and they are the incomplete leader leading the complete team. 

RQ: another key quality is resilience against adversity so that these leaders see success victory and defeat all those imposters to be treated just the same. They say when things go wrong that this is a teachable moment for them and their team to learn from it. They’ve had many setbacks disappointments and had to alter their course. 

BQ: these leaders are very conscious of their reputation brand image and impact on other people. They never forget the shadow that they cast on others and work hard to make sure it is a positive healthy one and not a dark and negative one. They’re always open to feedback and seek 360° feedback so they can learn from how others perceive them in order to be more inspiring leaders. However, they are self-absorbed and vainglorious. 

LQ:  leaving a legacy in their lifetime is a lovely byproduct of being an inspiring leader. They recognise that legacy is about stewardship and leaving things better than you found it. One of the biggest legacies you can leave is the positive impact you have in growing and developing others so they are the best that they can be. 

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