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March 21, 2021

Something Completely different: Brian Ashton MBE: Former England Rugby Coach & Schoolmaster: Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Status Quo – a great rock group but an ineffective way to live and lead in life.    
  1. Brian Ashton MBE: Founder – Something Completely Different – Sport and Education Consultancy.

Brian is an ex-schoolmaster and Head Coach of Bath, Ireland and England Rugby. After a successful playing career, including touring with England and playing in France and Italy, Brian began to focus on refining his Teaching / Coaching styles. 

Originally a Command Control practitioner he transformed over the years into a Mission Control People centred approach.  In the past 12 years Brian has mentored in the fields of sport and education. Whilst Rugby Union is his main sporting expertise, he has also worked with coaches from; Rugby League, Premier League Football, England cricket board, England Netball. 

During this period Brian has been the only Northern Hemisphere Coach to work in the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand, helping to develop coaches from around the world.  He has been described in the media as; Visionary with a Touch of Steel; Messiah or Misfit; The Lost Prophet of England Rugby. 

Brian and his wife Helen are great company and during the interview he mentioned his good friend Kevin Roberts who was at Lancaster Royal grammar school three years behind him and the two of them set up the black sheep Society of successful leaders have been expelled from the famous Grammar School.  

He shared some great wisdom about being authentic and maintain a curiosity to learn. Also push boundaries, look to other sectors and learn from them to apply in your own sector. Also the importance of simplicity and clarity. Especially don’t be a smart arse. I particularly liked his tip that mindset influences belief which influence his performance and intern the final outcome. He shared Kevins tip fail fast learn fast fix fast. Has a motto: keep life simple, be an active listener and let the other person talk. And his final thought was worry less about your brand and reputation and what other people think about you. His purpose in life is to challenge the status quo. 

His Leadership tip – Status Quo – a great rock group but an ineffective way to live and lead in life.    

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