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December 22, 2020

The Power of Influence & Persuasion: Colonel Tim Wilson OBE – Inspiring Leadership interview with Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

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Collaboration & “socialise an idea” to get buy-in. Then frame the vision, explain, check ongoing buy-in. Innovate & challenge the status quo. 

Tim Wilson OBE is CEO of MSI Global Alliance, a 28 year old association of over 250 independent law & accounting firms in over 100 countries. He leads a small team based in London which facilitates networking opportunities worldwide for MSI’s members. Before becoming CEO of MSI, Tim worked in the charity sector.

Before that was a British Army officer serving on several operations worldwide, receiving an OBE for leadership of his Armoured Cavalry regiment in Iraq. He is married with 3 children and is a keen sportsman; he bob-sleighed and played rugby & polo in his youth & now cycles and runs. Tim was inspired by being Military Assistant to General Sir Sam Cowan Royal Signals. General Sam was an original thinker, unorthodox , not afraid to challenge status quo and change the culture. In short the man was a legend.

It’s a small world from my point of you as the podcasting host that General Sam Cowan had presented me with an award when I was in the Royal Signals for being best Troop commander in the Royal Signals that Year with the words “work hard make no waves be more than you seem“. He challenged me to find out who had said those words when I next met him. Two years later I met him and he asked me if I’d found out. I replied, “The Prussian General Von Moltke”. “Which one?” he challenged, “Von Moltke the Elder or the Younger?”

Worked for General Sir Mike Jackson in UK Division deployed to Bosnia. Huge moral courage dealing with warring parties. Fun to work for & gave huge commitment for him. Gave appreciation & congratulations. CO of Queens’s Dragoon Guards QDG – tank Regiment in Iraq. Learning from Mistakes – On reflection he could have been less directive & controlling (C2) – to have “Let Go” more & empowered rather than mistrust. C2 vs Environmental Control to help Leaders flourish & grow. Be more collegiate. Beware the Bullies. Now Tim needs to influence firms globally without having power over them. Top Tip – Collaboration & “socialise an idea” to get buy-in. then frame vision, explain, check ongoing buy-in. Innovate & challenge status quo.

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