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May 08, 2021

Unleash your Humble Alpha: Steven Kuhn, Powerful Connector, Author, Turn Around Specialist with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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HIT honesty integrity and transparency are crucial. Think of the impact you can make on the world around you outside yourself.

156. Steven Kuhn – Author – unleash your humble alpha

Steven is a U.S. Military combat veteran who has been hand-picked to consult with some of the most influential people in the world (rock stars, singers, actors, business leaders and politicians) to turn around their business and how to expand their brand, build value and loyalty and develop strategies for increasing beneficial relationships for increased revenue and achieving true Quality of Life (QOL). 

Steven is a best-selling author and has a new book that was just released with his partner and co-author Lane Belone, (Special Forces Green Beret veteran) with the title Unleash Your Humble Alpha                                                                                               

Steven has trained, coached and participated in leadership roles in nearly every capacity: historical leadership of European Royalty, Military Combat Operations leadership, political leadership in Europe and the US, spiritual leadership from the Natives in North and South America, monks in Europe, having turning around hundreds of around the world. Leadership from nearly all walks of life, all synthesized into what he calls Humble Alpha Leadership. 

Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone helps leaders how to achieve their own version of quality of life with their Humble Alpha Leader Program. 


Standard boring one: Delegate the task, never the responsibility  

Awesome one: Focus on impact outside of yourself.  

This is the path to make a real impact in the world and reach fulfilment in life. This includes the mission of you elevating others around and helping them step 

into their own greatness.

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