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March 06, 2021

138. Top Tip: Jeff Nischwitz: you stress about what you don’t control

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Stress is optional and you can literally Live your life with little or no stress by embracing this tip: Number 1 stress is a choice. Stress comes when we try to control things we don’t control. What I’ve learnt in my life he said I only control one thing. That is me. I control my actions most of the time. I have the ability to control most of my thinking or shift it pretty quickly. I have the ability to adjust my emotions in a good way. Not to turn them off. If I feel something coming off the shift how I feel about it. This is what I control – I do not control a single thing outside of myself. None of you do. You all that this lesson during COVID-19. So many people confuse themselves and think they control things outside themselves – you do not. You can influence things outside yourself. You influence People outside of yourself you do not control them. Everything you stress about is something you do not control. Once you find out what you control you can take action around that Your not stressed when you are in action. You can let the stress go. You don’t feel stressed when you are in action. Make a decision and that lets the stress drift away

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