May 01, 2021

154. Top Tip: CEO Inspiring Leadership Forum Discussion: Your Brand is Built on Reputation & Trust

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Your brand is built on your reputation and the trust that you and your organisation can build and sustain in the face of challenges

A fascinating Forum of Inspiring Leaders & CEOs hosted by Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE and Leigh Bowman-Perks:

1.James Bashall Lieutenant General CB CBE – Strategic Advisor and former Commander Home Command

2. Leigh Bowman-Perks – CEO Inspiring Leadership Trust & Inspiring Leadership International

3. Emma Kane – CEO, SEC Newgate UK

4. Brian Heyworth – Co-Managing Partner Lansdowne Partners

5. John Cresswell – Former Group CEO Bibby Line Group & CEO ITV

6. Mark Fleiner – President at Malvern Panalytical

7. Chris Pyle – Headmaster of Lancaster Royal Grammar School


Andrew Rhodes – Co-Founder & Partner Sobell Rhodes

Colonel Tom Salberg

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